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McHenry County deputy dies almost one year after being shot in the line of duty


A community in mourning tonight over an officer shot in the line of duty last year, who died suddenly on Monday, during a rehab session.

According to the Chicago Tribune, McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Maness and his partner were both seriously wounded last October, while responding to a domestic disturbance.

A man inside the home opened fire on them with an assault rifle. The shooter fired dozen shots at the officers, according to police, hitting Maness in the back and leg.

The seven-year veteran of the Department served as a field training officer, a member of the SWAT team and a first aid instructor. The Tribune reported that Maness, who was 47, previously served 20 years in the U.S. Army, “seeing active duty in Operation Desert Storm, and retired as a sergeant first class.”

Friends and family say Maness was starting to walk and drive, he was on the mend.

“I had a conversation with him about a week ago,” Sheriff Bill Prim said, “and he was enthusiastic about regaining his strength and returning to patrol. This news is devastating to the law enforcement community here in McHenry County.”

The shooting of the two deputies “prompted a 16-hour manhunt,” the article said. The suspect, who was later convicted of attempted murder, is now serving a 135-year prison sentence.

The state attorney’s office will investigate whether Maness’ death was related to the injuries he suffered during the shooting. The office now waiting for the coroner to rule on the cause of death.

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