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McFlurry: Man pulls out axe at a McDonald’s after woman rejects him


People eating and waiting for their food at a Manhattan McDonald’s were scared and began running from the restaurant after they witnessed a man pull an axe out of his backpack and began swinging it around.

According to the NY Post, the axe-waving incident happened early on Friday morning and was captured on social media.

People say the man, identified as Michael Palacios, was apparently talking to the woman sitting at a table in the background. He apparently attempted to flirt with the woman, was rejected, and then began arguing with her. That’s when the other men come to her defense and even take a few swings at Palacios. After they back off, Palacios reaches into his backpack and pulls out the axe.

One witness says the axe-swinger was drunk.

After damaging some property and slapping a man, Palacios yells at the woman and then hops on a bike to flee the scene.

Michael Palacios has been arrested and is facing multiple charges.

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