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McFailed: Michigan police department has funny Facebook post about DUI arrest

File photo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Lawmen in Michigan issued a warning on social media concerning making a late McDonald’s run while under the influence- especially when the establishment is closed.

The Bath Township Police Department took to social media after just such an incident took place, engaging their audience with the cautionary tale.

According to the post, the 57-year-old driver reportedly drove up to a closed McDonald’s -which was neither lit nor manned- and ordered McNuggets, a McDouble and a McFlurry.

Sitting at the drive-thru for 15 minutes, the driver began honking his horn and cursing loudly, all within earshot of a parked police cruiser.

Following the failed attempt at some late-night drunkgrub, the driver reportedly squealed out of the parking lot, jumped a curb and returned to the roadway, where he was promptly stopped by police.

The Bath Township Police took exceptional humor to the incident, reminding everyone that their jail does not provide McFlurries.

East Lansing PD, however, claimed in the comments that they do in fact provide the delicious frozen treat.

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