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Mayor who fired police chief after controversial in-custody death slapped with federal charges


On Friday the Democratic Mayor of Rochester, New York was formally indicted on campaign finance violations. This comes after a year-long investigation into Mayor Lovely Warren’s 2017 reelection campaign.

According to WROC-TV, the district attorney said the mayor is facing two class E felonies.

Mayor Warren has shrugged the allegations off as an accounting error by her team, but the indictment brings a new level of scrutiny to a Mayor already facing a difficult environment.

In 2017 a PAC transferred $30,000 to her reelection committee. Federal laws prohibit PACs from coordinating with candidate committees.

Warren’s attorney states that his client is innocent and that an honest mistake can happen, but shouldn’t lead to a conviction.

Warren will be arraigned in court on Monday. She will continue to carry in her position, but a conviction on either of the counts could lead to her removal from office.

She has been dealing with another controversy the past two months after a video was released showing the March in-custody death of Daniel Prude.

Prude was having a mental breakdown in public and was taken into custody. During the arrest, he began spitting at officers. Officers put a ‘spit bag’ on his head, and when Prude began to stand up, officers leaned against his head to keep him down. He eventually lost consciousness and passed away.

That event lead to the entire command team to either retire or be demoted, with the Police Chief being fired.

Warren has maintained she was unaware of the details of the event until the August release of the video, but some don’t believe that.

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