Home News Mayhem breaks out inside a Waffle House, and it’s not clear why

Mayhem breaks out inside a Waffle House, and it’s not clear why


Two women and a man decided to take on the entire Waffle House staff after an early morning argument led to punches.

In the viral video, you can hear the two women and man yell at the staff over each other. The yelling makes understanding what is being said difficult, it’s believed the group wanted their phones back.

At one point, the man says, “can I just have my God damn phone?” before he then heads behind the counter and begins to swing wildly at the staff.

The two women soon follow him and take on the other male worker.

Profanities are thrown back and forth with the fists.

You can hear the one woman yell out, “We got to go! Someone grab my phone!”

This is being shouted as the man who started the fight is being held in a headlock by one of the Waffle House employees.

No word if any arrests have been made or where this incident happened.

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