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Mass shooter scare turns World Series of Poker tournament into stampede at casino

Image credit: Joey Ingram via Twitter.

A World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas descended into chaos over a possible active shooter on Saturday night.

The Sin City event resulted in players hiding under tables, as well as others fleeing the area.

A small stampede took place, and several people -including poker stars Daniel Negreanu and Michael Trivett- were injured.

“Was walking out of Paris as people started running screaming shots fired and fell and got trampled. That’s GG for me see y’all next year,” tweeted Trivett.

In the end, there was no gunman, no shooting, no carnage- Only hysteria and stampedes from not one, but two locations.

“Back safe at hotel,” radio host Joge Sedano tweeted. “That was pretty nuts. Thankfully, seemed to be a false alarm. But when you see a sea of people running towards you like that screaming and yelling about a shooter – your behind needs to go. A wild scene that I hope I never relive again. Crazy.”

According to the New York Post, Las Vegas Police would later explain all.

“Reports of a shooting near the MGM tonight are unfounded,” the department’s account tweeted. “Initial reports are a glass door shattered causing a loud noise which startled people in the valet area.”

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