Home News Married police chief exposed on city’s social media for having two mistresses

Married police chief exposed on city’s social media for having two mistresses


A police chief in Texas is feeling pressure after it was revealed that he was keeping two mistresses in the heat of the night.

Stinnett Police Chief Jason Collier, who was caught in a triple-infidelity scandal, had reportedly been outed after he commemorated his anniversary with his wife on social media.

Posting to the city page, one of his girlfriends exposed him with romantic snaps.

“Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life,” wrote the first mistress. “I was his girlfriend until yesterday.”

“He lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out he was married,” she added. “I also found out about a 2nd girlfriend, Kristi, last night. He has lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him.”

The second mistress commented on the post made by the first, stating that she been dating Collier and that they had been engaged since December.

According to the New York Post, the city quickly stepped in and made sure that there would be an investigation.

“The city is taking this seriously and will be looking into any violations of city policy,” city manager Durk Downs said in a statement. “Chief Jason Collier has been placed on leave while the city investigates.”

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