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Man working as school bus driver with history of child sexual assault arrested again


A Minnesota sex offender and child molester was allowed to be a school bus driver, making him just one of hundreds of sex offenders that were able to be employed around children.

52-year-old school bus driver Glenn David Johnson was arrested and charged with molesting two teenage girls in his home last week- and it wasn’t his first offense.

“No question that there seems to be a concerning pattern of conduct going back now about 20 years,” said Paul Young, a member of the Anoka County Attorney’s Office who prosecuted Johnson twenty years ago.

At the age of 32, Johnson was charged with rubbing a 14-year-old girl between her legs. While he plead guilty in 1998, he received a Stay of Adjudication, which gave him the luxury of no formal conviction.

Johnson was placed on probation, but charges were dismissed in 2000. Due to the nature of his criminal past, none of these issues showed up on a background check.

While Johnson’s latest charges did not involve his job, the arrest -and the loopholes- have parents concerned.

“You’re trusting the school, the bus company, whoever is hiring them,” said Lois Perkins-Huff.

“That makes me very nervous,” said Brittney Whalen.

The MN Department of Public Safety informed KARE11 that the current law governing school transportation drivers can only disqualify “based on convictions, not stays of adjudication.”

Local legislative officials are currently working to change the rules.


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