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Man who won settlement from police charged with sex trafficking

27-year-old Jordan Neal. Credit: Ottawa Citizen/Post Media.
27-year-old Jordan Noel. Credit: Ottawa Citizen/Post Media.

Ottawa police arrested 27-year-old Jordan Noel in early September, after he allegedly beat and pimped out his 18-year-old girlfriend.

However, Noel has had a few run-ins with the law before.

In 2010, he and Loik St. Louis were pulled over while driving Noel’s mother’s Cadillac Deville. The officer who stopped them testified that the young men were driving in a high-crime area and their license plate was registered to an older woman, so he suspected the car might be stolen. Drugs were later found in the vehicle, along with drug paraphernalia and $1,700 in cash.

During a preliminary hearing on the case, Ontario Court Justice Dianne Nicholas said to the constable who pulled the pair over: “It sure sounds like racial profiling to me….How many white women do you stop in the market just because they are driving a car?”

The Crown eventually withdrew the drug charges against both men, according to the Ottawa Citizen.  In addition, the money that was found in the car was returned to them and after an internal probe was launched into the matter, the chief of police, at the time, called the constable’s actions “good police work.”

Noel alleged that he experienced “emotional and psychological suffering, stress, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness” over the whole ordeal. He sued the police board and three officers in 2012, alleging that he and his accomplice were falsely arrested and imprisoned.

He reportedly received a settlement “for barely more than $10,000.”

In the human trafficking case from last month, Noel is facing a number of charges. He was released into his mother’s custody after posting bail. He must abide by a curfew and is not permitted to “access escort services or use an escort website, go to strip clubs or other escort agencies,” the Citizen reported.


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