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Man who was caught on film punching high-ranking NYPD officers released without bail


The individual who was filmed attacking NYPD Chief Terence Monahan and two other officers during a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge this week has been released without bail.

Quran Campbell, who punched the chief and two other lawmen several times during an attempt by the senior officer to detain the man, was arraigned on assault charges and granted supervised release.

Campbell is from the Bronx and was arraigned the day prior to Banks Shaborn, who also struck a senior officer.

One NYPD lieutenant was hit so hard by Shaborn and Campbell that he had several broken bones in his face.

The brawl took place after protesters disrupted a pro-NYPD march.

According to the New York Post, law enforcement have described the men as part of an “anarchist group that has been infiltrating this Black Lives movement since the beginning,” a vague, yet common description that generally implies the presence of Antifa.

“This is what we dealt with since the first protest after George Floyd,” he went on. “It is a legitimate movement, but it is being hijacked by these anarchists, and they are the ones that have been attacking our police officers [and] are out hiding behind the many, many peaceful protesters that are out there.”

Thirty-seven people were arrested in the melee.

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