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Man who heckled a Capitol police officer after hearing gets bulldozed by a flag pole


A couple of pro-Trump supporters were waiting outside the building where the January 6th Committee was holding another primetime hearing. They were there to harass and heckle anyone who they believed supported the work being done by the committee. One of the first people they saw was Michael Fanone, a Washington D.C. police officer who was dragged by rioters, stunned with his own taser, and threatened at gunpoint with his own weapon on the day in question, and the group asked if he was a “real officer?” as they followed him up and down the sidewalk.

In the video, Fanone does not engage with the hecklers and tries to avoid them as he makes his way around them. He eventually doubles back and as the group continues to cajole him, another anti-Trump man with a large banner on a pole steps in to knock one of them down in a hilarious moment.

Everyone is stunned and can’t believe what just happened. Eventually, a small skirmish between the two parties began, but police are quick to break it up.

According to the Hill, police did arrest the man with the banner.

Fanone was able to escape away from the hecklers while they were distracted.

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  1. There is a reason why Nancy Pelosi wont release the 14,000+ hours of video from then capital that day. Michael Fanone is not a credible witness. Hes a drama queen and a snake in the grass. His lies and the embellishment of the the situation are repulsive. He has no honor. Ignorance is not an excuse for failing to understand the fraud and countless election law violations that resulted in a stolen 2020 election. He isnt interested in the truth. Any witness that testifies and fails to mention relevant facts that counter the “insurrection narrative” has an agenda. Police officers opened barricades to let protesters onto capital grounds and then opened doors to the capital allowing people to enter. Much of the violence that took place was a direct result of lawless actions by the capital police as calm and peaceful protesters found themselves under attack as police lobbed flash bang grenades into crowds people. The partisan J6 committee has been caught lying many times. This is the Trump/Russia collusion hoax 2.0 that this disgraceful man has helped perpetuate.


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