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Man wearing MAGA hat has it ripped off his head after being verbally assaulted in Starbucks


In a video not likely to be shown on CNN, a chubby white man was caught on video attacking a black man for wearing a MAGA hat in Starbucks.

During the brief confrontation the white man in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey is seen yelling at the Trump supporter.

After the man in the Make America Great Again hat refuses to take it off, the jumbo jerk knocks it off of his head.

No one, including employees, are seen trying to de-escalate the situation or stick up for the man. In fact, another patron jumps in to say he’s not cool with the hat either, and that probably no one in the Starbucks is.

Here’s a closeup of the racist thug.

Make no mistake however, if the attacker was the one wearing a pro-Trump hat, this story would be on the front page of the NY Times, WAPO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Yahoo, HuffPost, etc.

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    • Doesn’t matter where it is. It is staged.

      These are actors. It was on the news sometime ago. The white guy (Brian) was trying to promote himself and he is telling people he regrets doing this.

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