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Man sues state to keep his anti-BLM license plate

Source: Twitter

A man living in Hawaii is attempting to keep his anti-Black Lives Matter custom license plate by suing the state saying revoking his vanity plates will violate his first amendment rights.

According to the Honolulu Civilian Beat, the city of Honolulu has been attempting to reclaim the plates since the summer of 2021.

The plates, which read “FCKBLM” were issued in the early part of 2021. At the time, Edward Odquina said the plates represented his company. The city says it was issued in error as the supervisor did not know what BLM stood for and did not realize the FCK portion violated the state law for profanity.

The city has threatened to fine or even seize Odquina’s Pontiac Firebird for sporting the plates.

After suing the city in September, Odquina is now suing the state of Hawaii for stepping into the legal fray.

For now, Odquina still continues to drive his car with the illegal license plate as the matter continues to go through the courts.

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