Home News Man shot while stopping carjacking, thief and clerk exchange gun fire

Man shot while stopping carjacking, thief and clerk exchange gun fire


Police in Georgia are on the hunt for a carjacker who kicked off a gunfight and wounded a store clerk before fleeing in a vehicle.

The Morrow Police are trying to track down the carjacker, who opened fire on several individuals at the local Chevron gas station.

According to WSBTV, the gunman was confronted by a regular customer, who was shot as he attempted to resist. Having already drawn blood, the gunman then fired several shots into the store, shattering glass.

The store clerk returned fire, though it is unknown if he actually hit the suspect.

“We don’t know if the suspect was hit. We checked area hospitals to no avail,” Morrow police Chief Jimmy Callaway said.

Having already proven his manhood by confronting an armed man, the wounded regular then proceeded to one-up himself by driving to the hospital on his own.

Police are continuing to search for the gunman and two female accomplices.

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