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Man shoots officer over a stolen Apple watch but dies in a hail of gunfire

Screenshots from the video below

A man in Jacksonville, Florida attempted to take the life of an officer but fellow officers put him down in a hail of gunfire.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s officers responded to a residential burglary with a description of the suspect who took off on a bicycle.

During the burglary, the suspect stole an Apple Watch, which officers were able to track via its GPS.

They determined the suspect was 39-year-old Leon Bernard Burroughs after tracking the watch to a location where a bicycle matching the description was.

According to Police Activity, which obtained the bodycam footage, officers located a vehicle near the bicycle and found Burroughs sleeping.

“Inside they saw a handgun resting on top of the vehicle which they secured in a safe location, while also discussing a plan to engage in dialogue with Burroughs.”

The officers instructed Burroughs to show his hands multiple times and asked him to exit the vehicle.

While attempting to give Burroughs instructions, Burroughs fired a shot and struck one of the officers.

Five officers immediately returned gunfire, killing Burroughs.

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