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Man with school crossing badge claims to be detective at murder scene in Cleveland


Body cam video has been released in the case of a man pretending to be a cop investigating a murder scene in Cleveland.

As investigators searched for clues at the crime scene -where a 20-year-old had been murdered last June- they noticed a man wearing a muscle shirt, roaming inside police tape and pointing a flashlight down to the sidewalk.

He just seemed completely out of place from the very start, and it just seemed bizarre that he was cavalierly walking around the crime scene–as if he belonged there.

The man claimed to be a detective with the Warrensville Heights Police Dept. The scene of the crime, however, was in Cleveland – so the actual police started questioning him why he was there.

The man flashed a school guard crossing badge, but didn’t really have a coherent explanation for why he was using that to identify himself as a law enforcement officer.

Turns out the man had no connection at all to the dept. in Warrensville Heights.

A police officer with Cleveland got confirmation on his radio from the other dept, that there was no one there by the name, William Mills.

Mills was arrested for impersonating an officer and had to eventually face a judge in misdemeanor court. However, he went through a special program for low level crimes to have his record wiped clean according to Fox8.

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