Home News Man resisting arrest in New York in viral video was carrying knife

Man resisting arrest in New York in viral video was carrying knife


Two NYPD officers saw a civilian carrying a knife in Harlem, and approached him to discuss the matter. A friend of the man carrying the knife pulled out his cell phone and decided to record the interaction.

According to The New York Post, Saykou George, the man carrying the knife, already had two warrants for his arrest and a conviction for assault on his record. He showed the officers his ID, as requested, but then claimed he needed to take his medicine and began resisting arrest.

As he tried to get away, he pushed one of the officers. One of the cops fought back, and the two traded blows. The other officer called for backup and then tried to handcuff George. Before he could be arrested, he had to be wrestled to the ground by several other officers who arrived on the scene.

The individual who was recording made comments throughout the incident, and kept filming even after the knife carrier was arrested. Comments included, “This is bulls–t. I got everything on camera.” After the arrest, more comments were heard, some aimed at some of the cops. “He stopped us for no reason. I saw everything. You know he wrong. For a f–king knife? .?.?. You can’t be serious.”

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was asked about the incident and the video at his Thursday press conference, and he stated: “You have no right, no right under New York law, to resist arrest, which was going on, based on what I’m seeing in that video. The Internal Affairs group will now be reviewing the video, as we always do. But in my preliminary review of that, I saw nothing inappropriate with the officers’ behavior.”

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