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Man receives ticket after sharing video of moving violation


A Woodland Park man is finding himself in possession of a ticket after inadvertently filming himself running a stop sign and posting the video to social media.

Michael Dalton posted a video to Facebook, showing him taking a shortcut to avoid traffic. In the final seconds of the video, Dalton ran a stop sign.

According to CBS Denver, the video was watched by many people, including the police.

One week later, Dalton received a ticket from an officer who showed up at his door.

“Is this where we’re at? Can they use videos from Facebook to give me a traffic violation? Can they do that to everybody?” said Dalton.

According to Woodland Park Police Sergeant Andy Leibbrand, the answer is “yes”.

“Yes, you have a First Amendment right to post whatever you want and you can but if you’re breaking the law and it’s in our jurisdiction then we can do something about it,” said Woodland Park Police Sgt. Andy Leibbrand.

Dalton claims he’s going to fight the ticket in court.

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