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Man opens fire on officers, striking one before being fatally shot by SWAT


One man is dead and two Texas police officers are wounded after a shooting took place on Sunday night, prompting a tense standoff with Austin SWAT.

Responding to an “unknown urgent” call just shy of 11PM last night, police found themselves perplexed after a resident in the duplex said they didn’t call 911.

Knocking on the opposite door of the duplex without response, police were preparing to leave when shots rang out of the residence, striking one officer and prompting the other to return fire.

Scrambling out of the killzone, officers began evacuating the surrounding area as Austin SWAT arrived.

“You need to come outside now,” the SWAT officer said through the loudspeaker.

Using an EOD robot, Austin PD broke down the suspect’s front door. The man then came to the doorway with a woman.

Responding with lethal force, an APD SWAT member fatally shot the man, leaving the woman unharmed.

The two officers who initially responded to the incident were treated for non life-threatening injuries. The officer who returned fire and the SWAT member who shot the suspect are both on administrative duty until an investigation can be conducted.

According to the Statesman, the duplex was near an elementary school and while the incident took place in the middle of the night, the school opted to have a delayed start in response to the incident.

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