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Man looking to make drug deal texts narcotics captain by mistake

29-year old William Lamberson. Credit: MCSO

Talk about a misdial gone terribly wrong. Usually it’s just embarrassing when you dial a wrong number or text the wrong person by accident, but in this case it led to the arrest of a Port St. Lucie man.

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When 29-year old William Lamberson wanted a “hook up” for drugs, he began texting, whom he thought were friends, and recent acquaintances. While looking to “score” he unknowingly texted the Martin County Sheriff’s Office narcotics captain.

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According to WPTV, in the screenshots that were released by the Sheriff’s office, Will – that’s how the dealer identifies himself in the texts — thought he was contacting someone he recently met at 7-11.

That revelation prompted Facebook users to write in response to the post: “If you’re going to be dumb enough to deal, don’t’ deal to random people.”

Credit: MCSO
Credit: MCSO

Lamberson continued texting this apparent 7-11 ‘hook up’ and eventually secured a cocaine transaction. He was all set to meet on September 1st to sell some cocaine, when he was greeted by Martin County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives.

Having a little fun on their Facebook page, MCSO wrote afterwards that it was “probably a good time to let Mr. Lamberson know he had the wrong number.”

Not so much fun for Lamberson, however. He was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

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