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Man leads police on two-state chase, after stealing underwear


A man led officers on a high-speed, two-state police chase for two hours on Monday evening, according to authorities. The suspect, Robert Ritter, of Blackwood, N.J., was wanted for stealing underwear valued at $10.50.

The chase started after police received a tip from Ritter’s close friend about Ritter’s location.

The pursuit started around 7:30 p.m. when Ritter was spotted in a white van. Police attempted to pull him over and he sped away from scene.

During the moderate to high speed chase, Ritter damaged two Philadelphia police vehicles after crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge.

According to Oaklyn police, Ritter crossed the same bridge to return to Deptford, N.J., where he sped through the Deptford mall parking lot. He stopped in the parking lot before taking off again.

The chase continued until he reached the Ben Franklin Bridge, on which he traveled into Philadelphia again.

Around 9:30 p.m., the chase came to an end. Ritter was on Island and Enterprise Avenues, according to ABC 6 News, and he was forced to surrender to the Pennsylvania Police Department after his van flipped over. The flip was caused by a police car intentionally bumping the van in an attempt to halt it.

Ritter allegedly physically engaged with a clerk at Shop Rite as the clerk was attempting to stop him from stealing. He fled and was able to steal $10.49 worth of Hanes boxers and a pack of tank tops. The clerk was able to record Ritter’s license plate number.

The act of shoving of the clerk upgraded the crime to strong-arm theft, according to Brooklawn, New Jersey police officer John Stires.

The underwear theft is just the most recent charge for Ritter. He has multiple warrants in several New Jersey cities, totaling up to $20,000. Brooklawn police have been pursuing him since July 9.

“He’s been a little loose for the past couple weeks,” said Stires.

Ritter was also accused of third-degree stalking on as recently as the beginning of July.

A friend of Ritter’s tipped police off which helped police track him down.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ritter was injured from the impact of his van flipping. He was hospitalized, but he is expected to be brought up on three counts of aggravated assault.

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