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Man from the city of Weed covered in flammable liquids catches fire after being tased


A California man covered in flammable liquids was lit up by a police taser, reportedly causing a fire that burned the majority of his body.

Paul Jason Hall, known as “PJ,” sustained burns on 70 percent of his person after the historically-mentally ill individual confronted a police officer in the town of Weed on October 12.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the event

Witnesses, such as Hall’s nephew, Spencer Hall, stated that the officer tased his uncle after he refused to drop a lighter.

“As soon as the Taser was deployed, the fire literally hit the ceiling,” he said. “It was force from the get-go. And I don’t know why.”

According to NBC News, the incident has sparked a government-level conversation as to whether or not the Taser should have been deployed.

Hall reportedly tried to immolate himself in response to financial woes and criminal accusations from a prior incident.

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