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Man found not guilty of crime even though his soiled underwear were found at the scene

File photo.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons
File photo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

An Australian man accused of robbing and defecating in a coffee shop has been found not guilty, despite the fact that his soiled underwear and DNA were found at the scene of the crime.

According to ABC News Australia, Wesley Matthew King was charged with four counts of burglary-related offenses after breaking into a cafe in 2014, stealing $4,000 in cash and other items from the office safe.

When police investigated the scene, they found a pair of soiled underwear and papers smeared with faeces. While DNA tests concluded that King was in fact the perpetrator, the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory found that the DNA evidence was not enough as tests found the DNA of another person on King’s underwear as well.

Chief Justice Helen Murrell said she could not rule out the possibility that another person could have committed the crime wearing King’s underwear.

“I am not satisfied that guilt is the only available rational inference,” she wrote.”There is, for example, a reasonable [albeit small] possibility that the burglar was someone else who was wearing unwashed underpants that had previously been worn by the accused.”

The judge found King not guilty of all charges.

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