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Man driving stolen tractor gets Edison’s Medicine after attempting to flee from officer


A Florida man riding a stolen tractor through Washington County was tased after trying to flee law enforcement.

Charles Nicola McNeil was spotted drifting on and off the road by a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy last Friday, prompting the lawman to pull the suspicious tractor over.

While McNeil initially complied with orders to halt and dismount, he gave the deputy a false name when he was asked for identification.

When the deputy began a pat-down of McNeil, he found with a knife an undisclosed bottle of prescription pills on his person.

The deputy then attempted to detain McNeil, which caused the suspect to attempt an escape. Struggling with the deputy, McNeil struck the peace officer several times and attempted to bodyslam him.

Squirming away a second time, McNeil did not get far after the deputy deployed his Taser, sending the suspect flying towards the ground- where he then hit his head on the pavement and lost consciousness.

According to WFLA, EMS was dispatched to treat the suspect, who eventually provided his real name.

The tractor was soon discovered to have been stolen from a 71-year-old man. McNeil is facing felony charges, to include battery on a law enforcement officer and grand theft.

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