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Teen claims police brutality, surveillance video shows otherwise


A Jacinto City teenager is claiming police brutality after a police officer broke up a fight the teen was involved in.

The teen, identified as Lee Hagan, claims that cuts to his back and face were the result of being thrown through a window and then body-slammed to the ground by the responding officer.

The teenager has the support of activist Quanell X of the New Black Panther party who is leading protests over the incident.

However, recently released surveillance footage of the fight, and how the officer responded show a different story. The video shows Hagan walk up to a man standing outside of a convenience store and repeatedly punch him in the face before throwing him to the ground. As the officer arrives on scene, Hagan is still punching the man in the face as he lays on the ground. The officer quickly approaches Hagan who quickly stands up and the officer begins to push Hagan away from the man and restrain him. This is where Hagan’s back broke the window.

Jacinto City Police Chief Joe Ayalais supporting the officer and refuting any claims of police brutality. “It was not intentional on the officer’s part,” Ayala said according to ABC 13. “The officer did not body slam him into the window, he did not throw him into the window, he was trying to physically restrain him.”

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