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Man claims to be officer as police surround belligerent wife's car after chase


After being pulled over for speeding, refusing to show ID and registration and fleeing the traffic stop, police cornered Jamelia Logan’s car in a parking lot. Jamelia’s husband, Calvin Logan arrived at the scene and claimed he was “Officer Logan”, which he was not, and after some theatrics, the pair were arrested.

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  1. None of these officers had a taser to shut this gutter rat up?!? The officers…Especially the first one…Had much more restraint and patience than I would have had. Lady, even if he was wrong and you were not speeding, you still need to comply. The last thing you should do is accuse him of racism. Once you did that, I was waiting for the taser to come out. As disappointed as i was that you did not eat 50,000 volts of electricity, I applaud the actions of these officers. They did everything that they were trained to do. And not surprisingly, your racist, spiteful low-life actions were just as expected.

  2. I commend the officer for his fine work ethics. I can’t imagine going to work and having my life put in jeopardy for doing my job. The officer could have been seriously injured by her taking off in her car that way and she should be charged with endangering his life. I can’t believe that someone would say you are racist because they broke the law. Again I couldn’t imagine having to go to work and be spoken to in the disgusting manner that police officers are spoken to, they really need to be able to press charges against these people who talk down to police officers. Thank you all for taking on this job you really are appreciated.


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