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Man brings real gun to water gun fight, shoots 15-year-old girl


Police in Texas are investigating what appears to be an accidental shooting of a 15-year-old girl during a weekend family BBQ.

The shooting happened Saturday evening in the small Houston suburb of Spring–while partygoers were in the midst of having a water gun fight. Harris County Constable Lt. Charles Hoover told the local NBC affiliate that the girl is in stable condition and is expected to be okay.

Meantime, people in the community are shocked that someone brought a gun to what was supposed to be a fun, family event.

“It was crazy, like you would never expect somebody to bring a gun to a barbecue, or a family gathering at all,” said neighbor Micah Stewart.

Stewart told KPRC that when the man, who’s reportedly in his 40’s, went to get his dry clothes in the car, there was a gun there too. He reportedly started to fidget with it and the gun accidentally went off and struck the girl in her collarbone area.

Authorities on scene said the gunshot wound was an inch from her neck. Also, they say, a stray bullet hit a car five houses away.

No word yet if the man will face any charges.

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