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Man blows his leg off after using tannerite loaded lawnmower for target practice


A Walton County, Georgia man lost his leg after filling an old lawnmower with explosive material, then using it as a shooting target.

Police say 32-year-old David Presley filled the lawn mower with three pounds of Tannerite and shot at it several times.

One neighbor told ajc.com that the explosion was so strong it shook her whole house..She heard  gunshots and screaming coming from the yard next door. The explosion could’ve done a lot more damage, officials said.

Tannerite – which is normally used for target practice- is a binary explosive that’s very easy to find. When used improperly, however, it could cause serious injury or even death.  The Walton County Sheriff said users would typically put less than a pound of the material into a target they want to shoot and stand at least 100 yards away.  The small explosion indicates that you hit the target.

Presley, he said, used three times that amount and only stood  25 yards away.

The battalion chief with Walton County Fire Rescue says the mixture of powders used to make Tannerite are not flammable and “generally stable” when subjected to a “lesser force than a high-velocity bullet.”

Deputies say they receive 2-5 calls a week related to the explosive.

Presley did not break any laws by doing this and is now being treated at a local hospital.

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