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Man arrested after wild ride, smashing random cars and police cruisers


Police in Linden, New Jersey are trying to figure out why a man drove through city streets slamming into cop cars and other vehicles.

It all started, apparently, when the 27-year-old suspect rammed into several cars at police headquarters in Linden. From there, he drove through the city streets, and four blocks away,  crashed his SUV into a squad car.

Donald Bayer told ABC7 he saw the man “driving with his head out the window.”

Bayer witnessed the head-on collision with the police officer and said he commends the cop for jumping out of the cruiser right after being hit– so he could go take the suspect down.

The man tried to get away. He ran into someone’s yard but was tackled by a group of officers.

The suspect’s grandmother said he was not trying to kill her, when asked by a reporter from WABC. He also rammed into her car which was parked  on the street.

When the suspect got to police HQ, he reportedly sprayed two officers with mace, but was quickly  subdued by the police.

He was taken to a local hospital  to be evaluated.

ABC 7 reports that he was not armed and there were no drugs on him at the time, although some family members told officials that he’d been doing drugs around the time all of this happened.

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