Home News Man arrested in Oregon after traffic stop for ‘private’ license plate

Man arrested in Oregon after traffic stop for ‘private’ license plate



Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Police in Washington County, Oregon, say a man driving with ‘private’ license plates was arrested on Highway 26 Wednesday afternoon.

KPTV News reports a deputy stopped the pickup after noticing the truck’ fake license plate read, “No driver license or insurance required.” Deputies tell KPTV the stop also caused traffic delays as events unfolded.

According to KPTV, the suspect refused to provide the deputy with his name or any form of identification.

Richard Leroy Garrison, jail booking photo

Once the man was taken into custody, KPTV reports officers identified the man as 63-year-old Richard Leroy Garrison. He is charged with failure to carry and present a valid license and interfering with a peace officer.


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    • Dear Lt. W.Lee (Ret),

      I hope you have aged better than your comment now that some time has passed, November 2020 has come & gone, and the death rate in America for those 18-64 yrs old rose over 40% in Q4 2021 due to some unknown reason(s) by those who control narratives online.

      BTW, whatever happened to Richard Leroy Garrison, the deputy who unlawfully arrested him, and the Sheriff under whose authority & security bond was/is at risk due to such oath-violating acts, etc.? Hmmm? I cannot find anything online at all—–I’m betting that Richard Leroy educated some living men & women at the Sheriff’s dept & charges were dropped after those officers consulted with the county attorney who KNOWS the law. Yeah….that’s what I’m betting.

      You likely know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately-owned, for-profit, foreign corporation, right?

      Well, do you know that the ‘UNITED STATES’ aka “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, et al, is also the same type of foreign corporate fiction? Look up the Dun & Bradstreet listing—-it’s NOT a government at all!—-you, Sir, have been defrauded AND you mocked those who have awakened to this fraud & did something materially beneficial for Mankind in battling said fraud.

      Again, I’m not here to pound you into the interwebs ground, so to speak, but hoping that you too have awakened to this fraud that has been controlling America more & more since 1871, and even before that year.

      God Bless Mankind that we may prevail over the evil that is at war with us ♥

    • The Renaissance 2.0 is sweeping the earth! Note that one cannot find ANYTHING that happened after Richard Leroy was kidnapped by private, corporate police in Washington County, Oregon…..I wonder why 🙂

      Sunspot, Many of us are awakening to our awful situation with regards to the fraudulent de-facto “government” which is not a government at all, but a PRIVATE, foreign-owned corporation—too many humanoid bot NPCs mock others online because mockery is one of the most effective weapons that can be used against radical, hateful, control-freak leftists—-they just don’t know that that nonsense does not work on those who are awakening & those already awake.

      Lt. W.Lee (Ret)—–your comment from 2017 did not age well…..I hope you did and are joining this Great Awakening ♥


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