Home News Man arrested after getting “caught” prowling elementary school

Man arrested after getting “caught” prowling elementary school

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Image credit: Jesse Sensibar (Facebook).

If any old picture is worth a thousand words, what would a picture of a creepy prowler who got stuck hanging upside down with is pants down, on the grounds of an elementary school be worth?  At the very least it’s worth a few laughs, and some concern for the suspect’s reason for being on school property.

The incident was captured by a passerby who posted the now famous picture to Facebook, complete with a brief description of the incident.

Apparently, the suspect was spotted looking into and trying to get into several classrooms at the Miles-Exploratory Learning Center, which according to their website is a Pre-K through 8th grade school.

According to multiple reports, when the suspect realized he had been spotted by a locksmith who was working at the school, he attempted to jump back over the fence to get away – a plan that clearly failed.

The suspect was later apprehended and no harm was reported to any students at the school.

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