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Man arrested for selling ‘catnip cocktail’ out of his New Jersey nutrition store


Source: Fairfield Police

A seemingly boring nutritional supplement store in a New Jersey strip mall has been identified as a distribution center for drugs.

On Thursday Fairfield Police arrested John Sirico for selling ‘catnip cocktails’ and for illegally possessing multiple rounds of ammunition.

‘Catnip cocktail’ is used by veterinarians to sedate pets before surgery. When humans take them it can cause side effects similar to the ‘date rape’ drug.

According to ABC7, more than 100 bottles of the drug was found, along with 7 high capacity handgun and rifle magazines.

Police became suspicious of the store about nine months ago when they picked up an erratic acting man in the strip mall’s parking lot.

Three more arrests were made not far from the store over the next couple of months.

Police found receipts from the store on at least two of the men they arrested.

Investigators say Sirico did not advertise or display the drugs but instead kept it behind the counter.

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