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Man ambushes, beats Sacramento police officer in unprovoked attack


A Sacramento police officer is recovering after he was brutally beaten outside a hospital.

Police say 21-year-old Juan Gomez lured the officer from his patrol car early Monday morning by knocking on the officer’s patrol car window and telling him there was someone in the area with a gun. He then “immediately and violently” attacked the officer according to Sacramento PD spokesman Doug Morse

Gomez ambushed the officer and brutally beat him just because of his profession – according to CBS 13.

As all of this was happening police say another man – who did not know Gomez – started filming the incident and was “encouraging” Gomez.

Bystanders eventually stopped the attack after they realized what was happening. The officer was rushed into the hospital. Gomez and the man who recorded the beating, 35-year-old Jamaral Lee, were both arrested.

The Sacramento Police Department says they briefed officers on the incident but aren’t changing any procedures in response to it.

Police say this was “one of the worst assaults” on a Sacramento police officer in recent memory and it was all apparently unprovoked.

“We’re likely to see an era, at least for a while, in which law enforcement will have to approach overall general contact with the public differently,” Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said.

Gomez and Lee are both facing felony charges.

No word yet how serious the officer’s injuries were or when he’ll be able to return to the field.

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