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Major problem exposed in LAPD’s $10 million fleet of BMW electric cars


The LAPD has a not-so-shocking controversy on their hands concerning an expensive -yet relatively unused and abused- fleet of BMW electric cars.

The BMWs, which were previously lauded as the LAPD’s effort to “go green” when it came to non-patrol vehicles of the department, have largely been sitting in the parking garage outside police HQ.

Even worse, the $10.2 million fleet of leased vehicles have also been misused, with one LAPD commander utilizing the EVs to go to nail salon appointment.

The commander was followed and confronted by CBS Local’s David Goldstien.

“This is part of a million-dollar pilot program. You’re really supposed to get a manicure using the BMWs?”

Investigation into the logged miles of the electric cars showed that many of them have simply sat unused at parking facilities, with only a few hundred miles on some vehicles.

LAPD Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas still thinks it’s money well spent, even if the commander misused the vehicle by going to the nail salon.

“It’s all a part of saving the Earth, going green … quite frankly, to try and save money for the community and the taxpayers,” he said.

However, sources within the LAPD seem to back up the mileage claims, telling CBS Local Los Angeles that personnel dislike the limited range of the vehicles, which can only go about 80-100 miles on a charge- which doesn’t include battery drained in heavy traffic or on hot days.

However, the political machine continues in LA, pushing electric vehicles and claiming the program was a success.

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