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Made for cops by cops: new app is making officers’ lives easier every day


In the 21st century, the smartphone and tablet have become as essential to policing as the pistol, radio, and pen.

In an era where there is a laptop in nearly every patrol vehicle in America to provide LEOs with information, why should the information be limited to the confines of the vehicle?

Enter the Pocket Brainbook “US Police App” is the best all-in-one police app on the market because it is made by cops for cops.

The app is absolutely free to download and has just about anything a L.E. officer could want for quick reference, all wrapped in an easily navigable format.

For only the price of a small cup of coffee ($3.99), you can have a year’s access to all the codes you could ever need at your fingertips -the most comprehensive code database available- and much more.

The app’s extensive database, which now includes all of the federal, border and immigration, ATF, and even food & drug codes, is like having an entire support team on your phone.

If for some reason information is not there or incorrect, there is an interactive and dedicated support staff behind the app. Officers can even submit information to help out their fellow lawmen.

The app isn’t just codes either; there is much more.

Some notable features:

  • Language translator with nine common foreign languages translated into English –with hundreds of common LE phrases.
  • Digital photo notebook that allows officers to organize their notes on photos of crime scenes, vehicles, perps, etc.
  • Tons of reference info, such as a full list of case law, Miranda rights, field sobriety tests, and much more.
  • Drug section with detailed pictures, symptomology, doses, street names, etc.
  • Ability to save frequently used material to “Favorites” for quick and easy lookup

In addition to the “US Police App,” there are more comprehensive state apps that can be downloaded for 7 states (AZ, CA, NV, AZ, IL, TX and FL) with more detail about state-specific codes than the national app.

The state apps include all the state criminal, penal law, vehicle and traffic, juvenile, port, health and safety, and even the large municipal and county codes.

Do the laws of your state seem to be constantly changing? Have no fear, all of Pocket Brainbook’’s apps are constantly updated throughout the year to stay current. They also allow officers to add custom codes to meet their local needs.

With all of the features and extensive database, built by officers for the needs of officers, there isn’t really reason not to get the app today.

Since you already have your phone on you, go ahead and download the Pocket Brainbook App before you forget.

If you are one of the old-school officers and still prefer to put a finger to paper, there is also a line of paperback Pocket Brainbooks tailored for six states.

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