Home News Lurid allegations surface from Justice Department, U.S. Marshal’s office in IG report

Lurid allegations surface from Justice Department, U.S. Marshal’s office in IG report

US Department of Justice Headquarters. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A senior-ranking member of the US Marshals is just one of many US officials whom the Justice Department has protected from sexual harassment woes, according to a report obtained from the Inspector General.

The former second in command at the USMS’ Massachusetts office -identified as Chief Deputy Marshal Jon Murray- allegedly had sex in his office with “approximately nine” women, prompting the #2 brass to be the subject of the 13-page report.

The IG noted that Murray had violated several policies and was guilty of several internal conduct charges, including conduct unbecoming of a US Marshal and unprofessional/inappropriate sexual conduct.

To make matters worse, Murray lied, several times, while under oath with investigators and told some of the women to keep their mouths shut.

“I handled this horribly from the get-go,” the 20-year USMS veteran said in the report. “And I just, I understand that there’s serious ramifications for my actions that …I chose to take.”

The investigation took place two years ago, during which time, Murray was transferred to the Rhode Island-based international training division. He is still on duty to this day.

According to the Washington Post, it isn’t all that uncommon in the Justice Department- several FBI agents are guilty of similar acts of misconduct.

In one case, an FBI official was accused of asking women if they wanted to see “his balls” in his office, which was decorated with a baseball collection. In addition, he also touched several female employees, told one had “a nice hard body” and referring to another woman’s footwear as “come fu*k me boots.”

The agent in question was demoted, transferred and later fired.

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