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Louisville police release dozens of photos, other evidence in Breonna Taylor case


A trove of photos and documents concerning the use of force incident involving Breonna Taylor and the Louisville Metro Police Department have been released, giving a lot more clarity as to what took place when officers began their raid.

The investigative reports on the March 13 raid, written up and released by LMPD Sergeant Jason Vance and headed by Sergeant Amanda Seelye, give a detailed account of the raid, including the aftermath and deceit on the part of Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend.

The 4,470-page report revealed much about Taylor’s involvement in an ongoing operation involving illicit substances and ill-gotten funds, and provided considerable amount of information that would ultimately clash with the initial narrative that she was merely an innocent caught up in a botched police raid.

Now, photos of Taylor and Walker show them posing with firearms, haphazardly aiming them at the camera with the caption “Partners in Crime.”

Text messages also indicate that Walker was likely dealing in drugs, namely narcotics and marijuana.

According to the reports, the images feature the Glock 43X used in the incident.

Taylor, who had been on police radar for some time, had seemingly been involved or at the very least had knowledge of the goings-on within Walker’s alleged operations, and had been previously involved with other criminals.

Jail-phone recordings revealed a considerable amount of information that would indicate that Taylor had enough knowledge of criminal activity to warrant any suspicion- her direct involvement could also not be ruled out, as her name would regularly turn up in investigations or be mentioned by individuals as being responsible for finances.

In the end, it seems, the narrative surrounding Taylor in the early stages of post-incident investigation -and the one pushed by both mainstream media and activists- appears to clash heavily with the detailed findings of the investigators and the ultimate decision made by the grand jury.

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  1. Once again, said from day one, like many of the other incidences, there was more to this than the lame stream media was reporting. But, when your motto is “Never let the truth get in the way or any story that will cause kaos” the we all know what to expect.

    • The main stream media never gets it right because each news outlet wants to be the first to “break the news” as if there is a prize for that, therefore non of them take the time to wait or do any real investigation because they know the other news outlets will break the story before them.

  2. There’s something that can’t be overlooked here in all the whitewashing and partisan bullshit.

    Simply put, if cops don’t have the competence or control or good methods to handle no knock raids without killing people and firing through walls in apartments they can’t do them.

    Demonizing an innocent girl – and she’s innocent until proven guilty and will never get a chance to defend herself – over a fucking drug bust is bullshit. Tearing her down to try to make this ok is the reason people are so unhappy.

    At the end of the day, a woman who had never been convicted of a crime died at the hands of cops doing something cops have done way too often – going in with extreme force and escalating situations that could have been handled in ways that don’t result in the deaths of innocents.

    Gaining and maintaining trust revolves around being honest, and cops far too often are known for protecting their own and nothing happening when bad things happen due to police error.

    This was a police error. Going in and fucking up your raid so bad that people die needs to have consequences and the authorities are working on that not happening. This ensures that situations like this will happen again. There’s no civil way to respond to this, so people are being uncivil.

    If you want civil unrest, stonewalling is how you guarantee it.

    Never forget Jose Guerena. Another situation where no wrong was found on the part of the police and an innocent dies and the circumstances are aggravated.


    “under the circumstances, and based upon our review of all the available evidence, we have concluded that the use of deadly forces by the SWAT Team members was reasonable and justified under the law. Accordingly, the Pima County Attorney’s Office finds no basis to prosecute.”

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