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Louisiana deputy denied burial at cemetery due to race

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A deceased deputy in Louisiana was denied burial in an Allen Parish cemetery, reportedly due to the color of his skin.

APSO Deputy Darrel Semien, the late husband of Karla Semien, reportedly died from cancer on Sunday, sending a wave of grief through the entire sheriff’s office.

Deputy Darrell Semien – Photo: Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office

When Mrs. Semien attempted to inter her husband in Oaklin Springs Cemetery, she was told he would not be permitted.

“It was in their by-laws that the cemetery was ‘whites only,’” she said. “I just kinda looked at her and she said, ‘There’s no coloreds allowed.’”

The bylaws of the cemetery reference “the right of burial of the remains of white human beings,” and was written up over seven decades ago.

The family was disappointed, as they wanted to bury the deputy at the site, but learned they would need board approval.

According to the New York Post, Creig Vizena, president of the Oaklin Springs Cemetery Association, said he was “very ashamed” to learn of the racist practice and vowed to set things right.

“I promise you, it will be fixed,” he said. “It never came up. I take full responsibility for that. I’ve been the president of this board for several years now.”

The employee who turned the family away has since been terminated.


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  1. The employee was fired for following the RULES as given her and doing her job. That’s about a bunch of b*llsh*t.
    Let me get this straight–Blacks can have Black only spaces but Whites can’t have a Whites only space (cemetery)??
    Soooooo sick of the double standard when it comes to Blacks. No other minority b*tches & moans like spoiled American Blacks do. None.

    Here’s a couple questions that come to mind:
    Why exactly did she have her heart so set on this particular cemetery?

    What was so special about this cemetery that she would rather confront the board, complain to the cemetery association’s President, and cause a woman to lose her job than just find another cemetery, put that one out of her mind, and GO BURY HER DAMN HUSBAND.
    (But I suppose she would’ve missed her opportunity to make a few million dollars off of her “colored” husband.)

    Why are Blacks allowed to have Black-only spaces? BLM? Black caucus? Black Expo? Black scholarships? Black Universities? Black only dorms? …… but White people can’t even have 1 damn cemetery to themselves? A cemetery. Why is that?

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