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Local attorney makes horrendous comments about officer killed in accident, because he got stuck in traffic


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22-year-old correctional officer Adam S. Conrad of Sandoval died in the line of duty while transporting a prisoner after his van collided with a flatbed semi-truck on I-57 Southbound in Jefferson County, Illinois.

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According to ABC3, police say “a Marion County Sheriff’s Department prisoner transport van was northbound on I-57 when the driver lost control on the slick pavement and began to spin. The van went into the median before crossing over into the southbound lanes into the path of a 2014 Peterbilt with flatbed trailer. The semi hit the passenger side of the van and then jack-knifed, coming to rest on the right shoulder and in the right lane.”

The 17-year-old prisoner was also injured in the crash and emergency crews had to extricate him from the vehicle so he could be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Due to the severity of the crash and the icy conditions traffic was diverted and backed up for six hours and unable to let vehicles through as investigators cleared the scene.

As officer Conrad’s family was receiving the worst news of their lives an arrogant, selfish man, Mike Curry, was annoyed that he was stuck in traffic knowing that someone was killed in the accident ahead.

“I was stuck in this for 4-1/2 hours. I am grateful the truck driver was not killed, so I can SMOTHER HIM WITH A F@#KING PILLOW IN THE ICU!!!”

He took his complaints to social media and was met with outrage and horror at his words.

“Update: the prick who caused the accident was killed and is rotting in hell.”

He also went on to complain that the police didn’t do enough to get the interstate back in order because they were too busy dealing with the accident itself.

“Perhaps they could have honored his memory by helping those of use affected by his actions; but I could be wrong…”

Many on social media have pointed out that he’s a local attorney.

UPDATE via Mt. Vernon Register New:

“MT. VERNON — Local attorney Michael Curry has resigned from The Bankruptcy Clinic after making a disparaging Facebook post about a correctional officer who died in a vehicle crash Wednesday on Interstate 57.

Curry came out of the office of the business at 2006 Broadway to apologize to protesters who lined the sidewalk in front of the office Thursday at noon. In addition to an apology, Curry also announced he was resigning from the Bankruptcy Clinic, saying his actions reflected on the business.



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  1. Idiots like him need to be removed from the BAR and loose their ability to Practice Law. He apparently has no respect for human life or Human emotions. I support the Blue 100% an he shows why many Attorneys are thought of as bottom feeders that make Used Car Salesman look good. I wish I had been there, slapping his face may have gotten me an assault charge but it would have at least made me feel like I wasn’t helpless to teach this worthless slime-ball a lesson in simple DECENCY.. which he obviously has NONE.
    My thoughts and prayers are for the families that have lost a loved one, and the Dept who has lost a member of their family, and yes anyone that was in a medical distress because of the accident. However Accident Happen and if you can’t find it in your heart to say a prayer when one occurs then Pray Very HARD you are never in one, with someone who knows just how lowlife you are and thinks you deserve all the sympathy you showed.


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