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LMPD officer shot in the face by parolee sues Kentucky Department of Corrections

LMPD Sgt. Chris Lane and Keyshaun Stewart.

A member of the Louisville Metro Police was shot in the face last year while working an off duty detail- and now he is suing the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Sgt. James Chris Lane was shot in November while working an off-duty traffic detail in Shively.

During the detail, he was engaged by Keyshaun Stewart, who also shot and killed a construction worker named Fred O’Bannon. Lane had to have his mouth wired shut as a result of the shooting.

“Just think, if he hadn’t been caught, how many more things would have happened?” O’Bannon’s mother, Anita, said. “What would it have taken for him to be caught if he wasn’t caught this time and I hail Chris for that and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Chris didn’t deserve to be shot that night. My son didn’t deserve to die that night but this young man should’ve been locked up a long time ago and since he wasn’t locked up, they had to pay the ultimate price for it so I’m behind Chris. 100%.”

According to WLKY, Lane’s lawsuit claims Stewart should have been in jail for violating parole following an arrest in Tennessee in 2020 for arson and aggravated assault. The lawsuit states his probation officer didn’t report the new charges to Jefferson County.

For the aforementioned crime, he was sentenced to four years probation.

“Parolees are not being reviewed on a regular basis and convictions are not being reported to the proper authorities whether it be the court or the prosecutors so he wants to bring this to light,” Lanes attorney Tad Thomas said. “We know that there are a lot of good probation officers who are really trying hard to do the right thing. We think that they are underfunded and poorly supervised unfortunately and we think we’re going to uncover a lot more situations that someone who is a danger to the community has not been revoked as they should have been.”

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