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‘Live PD’ catches deputy successfully debunk man’s claim that the pants he’s wearing aren’t his


A man stopped by a friendly South Carolina deputy for an open container violation discovers he has magical time-travelling, marijuana-laden pants- that aren’t his, obviously.

Featured on LivePD, Lieutenant Danny Brown of the Richland County Sheriff’s Office was cruising through a neighborhood in his patrol Camaro when he came upon a man drinking a beer inside a Ford Mustang.

Introducing himself, Brown compliments the man on his car and then asks him for ID.

Explaining that the man can’t drink an open container in the roadway, Brown cuffs the man for security purposes and notices a small baggie inside of the pocket, containing a relatively insignificant amount of marijuana.

The suspect tells the officer that the pants belong to his friend and that he put them on this morning. However, further inspection from brown reveals that the weed was wrapped in a receipt, printed earlier that afternoon.

“I don’t believe they’re his friend’s pants,” the Lieutenant said with a humorous expression, noting that the suspect was otherwise a “cool dude” and writing him a courtesy summons.

According to Brown, such cases of mysteriously-appearing weed and borrowing clothes from friends and relatives is becoming increasingly common.

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