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“Like Hell on Earth,” Body cam shows deputy get trapped by Washington wildfire


A Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy relived the scene where he helped evacuate people as two wildfires collided in his path. The sheriff’s office has the body cam video to prove how dangerous the scene became.

According to KHQ Deputy Brittan Morgan was called to assist a Level 3 evaluation order in August. While driving from one location to another, Morgan became surrounded by flames and smoke, and visibility began dropping.

He had been trying to reason with a man to evacuate, who refused because he was trying to protect his animals.

After failing to be rational, the deputy radioed his partner to warn of the shift winds. He then quickly jumped in his car and tried to get to safety.

As he follows his partner, he can be heard yelling at him, “Hurry the [expletive] up, Nave! I don’t want to die in this [expletive].”

Both he and his partner made it to safety, but not without seeing some dangerous scenes.

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