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Life After LEO: Options for your retirement


You’ve put in your years of service, and now it’s time for you to hang up your uniform and retire. And while taking some time to put your feet up is more than well-deserved, the trouble is that you’re still too young (or maybe not ready yet) to contemplate living off your pension, moving to a retirement community and sitting idly by the pool all day. You want to stay active, and you’ve still got a lot of great income-earning years ahead of you.

Fortunately, the skills you’ve learned on the job can take you into many different second careers. Becoming a private security officer or opting for that cushy desk job offers some financial security, but when the most exciting part of your day involves getting a paper cut, it might not be the most appealing (or fulfilling!) option either.

At some point, police officers must be prepared to become civilians, but leaving behind the camaraderie of your fellow officers and the satisfaction you felt serving your community can make for a difficult transition to that next step in your career.

It doesn’t have to be. Consider this…your first career in law enforcement has left you with the ability and the desire to serve and help others, and it takes a special kind of person to do that every day. For many retiring officers who wish to continue serving others, owning a Senior Helpers franchise has helped take that personal mission and make it a business.

Here’s what one retired LEO had to say about it:
“My experience serving as a police officer was a terrific foundation for my work as a Senior Helpers franchisee, but the outstanding training and support they have offered me throughout this process has been everything I needed to hit the ground running.”
– Glenn Scharfeld
Former Law Enforcement Officer

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By becoming a franchisee, law enforcement officers and other first responders get 10% off their franchise fee and are on their way to a satisfying second career. Senior Helpers is a business rooted in helping others- keeping them safe and comfortable at home- and giving families peace of mind.

In-home senior care is a booming industry, and much like dealing with citizens in your day-to-day duties, there is never a shortage of people who need your help.

Sound like a lot to worry about? Think again. From the very beginning, you will have the support of the Senior Helpers family to guide you through the provided blueprint and share a business model that has proven to be successful throughout the country.

Get a leg up on retirement and keep doing what you do best- own your own business and become a Senior Helpers franchisee today. To learn more about working with this established, respected franchise, click HERE.

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