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By LEOs for LEOs: Liability insurance for cops protects your home and belongings


In these trying times, one of the few perks of being a law enforcement officer is knowing someone has your back – or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

As everyone on the job knows, law enforcement officers must make split-second decisions while engaged in intense and rapidly-evolving situations, sometimes on a daily basis.  However, in today’s “sue first, fact-find later” climate, officers are being sued personally for their actions.

First Responders Protection Agency, Inc. is here to protect those officers from personal liability resulting from those split-second decisions while on duty.

For many agencies, one’s current benefits do not include professional liability insurance that covers monetary damages incurred during the line of duty.

Take a look at this recent case out of Palm Beach County, Florida as a chilling example.

In 2017, a Sheriff’s Deputy was forced to watch helplessly as Federal Marshals raided his home and seized his car, clothes, television, and furniture when a Plaintiff enforced a civil judgment obtained against the officer for an on-the-job incident.

This is an example of one of many scary legal decisions involving police officer liability that are occurring across the country. Police officers now have to worry every time they go out on the job if they are going to be civilly liable for their actions.

A law enforcement officer should maintain a liability insurance policy to cover them for civil lawsuits related to on-duty actions and to protect their assets. It is vital that law enforcement officers protect themselves given the litigious nature of today’s world.

Fortunately, protection can be had- and it is provided by the FRPA.

First Responders Protection Agency, Inc. was founded by a law enforcement officer, attorney, and former prosecutor concerned about fellow law enforcement officer liability. Our primary goal is to protect the dedicated hard-working men and women of law enforcement from personal liability -no matter how minor or major- with coverage limits ranging from $150,000 to $300,000.

Protection for police by police, we protect and serve those who protect and serve.

First Responders Protection Agency: back-up you can count on.

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