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How LEO’s can explore the world for as little as $349 a week



Brought to you by Heroes Vacation Club

For Law Enforcement Officers, scheduling time off for vacations can be tough and paying exorbitant prices can be even tougher. Between expensive flights, road trip fuel costs and constantly eating out, vacation savings often end up heavily depleted before one even books the resort.

Fortunately, Heroes Vacation Club is here to help! They provide access to weeklong resort stays for low prices to help alleviate those vacation woes, giving eligible persons the ability to have an amazing vacation in exciting locations all over the world- without emptying their wallet.

More about Heroes Vacation Club

Heroes Vacation Club offers over resorts in destinations worldwide, and in a wide range of unit sizes from studio to two or even three bedroom. Prices start at just $349 a week, are priced per unit (as opposed to per person) and typically sleep 2-8. This all adds up to the cost is much lower and you being able to decide who to bring along.

Who Is Eligible

A membership with Heroes Vacation Club is free to First Responders including Police Officers, EMTs and Firefighters. You can bring non-affiliated guests as a part of your travel party as well.

Why You Should Join

With so many exciting and varied destinations, the travel options are seemingly limitless.  Resort options typically offer amazing rental benefits like kitchens, living rooms, multiple bedrooms, washer/dryers, pool and recreation facilities, kids activities and more. You’ll find Heroes Vacation Club options in destinations all over the world, including Orlando-FL, Las Vegas-NV, the Dominican Republic, Lake Tahoe-CA, the Bahamas, Branson-MO, Mexico and more!

With worldwide accommodations to choose from, your only limitation is your imagination!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Heroes Vacation Club to join for free today!

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