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LEO family upset after "They Don't Care About Us" school presentation

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

Orange County High School in Virginia has caught national attention after a program named “They Don’t Care About Us” was presented for Black History Month. A Virginia police officer and his wife shared the program from the performance and deemed it as an “anti-police propaganda” presentation.

According to the Inquisitr, the program included a reading entitled, “Voices: The Exhausting Task of Being Black In America.” Videos from the high school presentation have gone viral online as well.

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It has been reported that students who served as ushers at the event wore black T-shirts with the words “I can’t breathe” printed on them.

A law enforcement officer posted anonymously on a Facebook page about his wife taking their son to watch their 8-year-old daughter perform with a choir. He wrote, “As my wife walked into the auditorium, she noticed the students working the event were wearing black T-shirts that stated ‘I Can’t Breath’ and ‘#?blacklivesmatter?.’ My wife tried to overlook it and settled in to enjoy the program. My daughter had been selected to participate in the program and sing a ‘Motown Medley’ as part of one of the elementary choirs. My wife looked at the program that she was handed as she took her seat and found disturbing and, what I would argue, anti-police propaganda all over it.”

orange-county-high-schoool-524x700The officer added, “At this point my wife had an uneasy feeling about what this program was actually about and quickly realized those black t-shirts were not just some of the students ‘protesting’ but that it was part of the nights theme! One by one students began reciting ‘last words.’ To include ‘I’m from Ferguson Missouri. I was told to put my hands up. I did, and I was shot 7 times. My name is Michael Brown.’”

The Inquisitr reported that the skits and readings noted on Orange County High School “Black Lives Matter” program also included:
• “Don’t Shoot”
• “Not an Elegy for Mike Brown”
• “I Can’t Breathe”
• “Does my Black Life Matter”
• “They Don’t Really Care About Us”

The program was initially designed to be part of the community’s Black History Month presentations for the month of February. An insert in the Orange County High School program was reported to feature two young women holding signs that said, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

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  1. Pitiful that our schools are now promoting war within our borders. This is so bogus and untruthful and I can’t believe this it what children are being taught. Are their any brains left in this nation and are they all dying off one by one? The people promotion this propaganda have ruined any chance for race relations in this country except for the intelligent amongst us who love the good people of whatever color and ignore the morons that continue to try to ruin us.