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LEO Affairs Discount: 25% off your tax preparation fees


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Paying less taxes is exactly the same as making more money.

Gilman Ciocia’s mission is to help average Americans lower their taxes and increase their net worth. We do this by focusing on three things:

  • Helping our clients understand that income taxes are the largest expense the average American incurs in his lifetime.
  • Showing people how through proper planning they can significantly lower their income taxes.
  • Informing the time to focus on lowering their income taxes is not between January 1st and April 15th—but rather between April 15th and the end of the year, which is when they have the greatest tax planning opportunities.


Our personal tax team includes an accountant, tax advisor, the lender, & attorney. Our offices in Florida, New Jersey & New York are opened year round.

Fire fighters, law enforcement, military & veterans receive 25% off tax preparation fees.   First time customers only.

Call now for your consultation. 1-800-TAX-TEAM (829-8326)

Online scheduling available at http://www.gtax.com/locations_bfw.php

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