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Lawmakers propose putting serial numbers on all bullets sold in Illinois


With gun violence in Chicago at a fever high, lawmakers in Illinois are proposing serializing bullets in the same manner as firearms.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, a group of legislators proposed on Tuesday that every bullet sold in Illinois be coded with a serial number, which would theoretically allow the ammunition to be traced back to the store where it was purchased.

“We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets,” said Representative Sonya Harper.

Standing by to profit on the proposal is Matt Harrington, CEO of AMMO Coding Systems. He says that his technology would allow ammo manufacturers (presumably being both willing participants and based in the USA) to easily code the millions of bullets sold every year.

According to Harrington, rounds recovered by police in the shooting would be checked for serial numbers that would show where the rounds were purchased from. The police could then force the gun stores to turn over the names of the purchasers.

“You’re going to have to explain, Mr. Smith, why is the bullet you bought at Walmart now in this five year old’s head, on the West Side of Chicago. Explain that,” Harrington said.

Gun shop owners did not take kindly to the proposal, who feel that not only would the task be impossible, it detracts from handling the real issues at hand.

“Don’t go after these bullets and this bullet stamping thing that’s ridiculous, go after the gang bangers, the people who are let out on the streets from parole,” said Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports.

While twenty other states are considering similar legislation, but Illinois would be the first to enact it.


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  1. How much more stupidity are we going to tolerate? What about the shooters who reload their own? What about match rounds. Do the lawmakers ever think before speaking? How about using common sense for a change and leave the law abiding citizens alone.

  2. The Liberal Mind works in very mysterious ways…….OBVIOUSLY…..serializing firearms has made no difference in gun crimes…….MURDER is against the law…..using a Gun in a Crime had ADDED “extended” sentences to convictions……none of that has worked……why do these IDIOTS think that serializing ammo will?????

    These knuckle heads don’t have a clue what happens in the real world…..knee jerk laws…one after another….that will not work because “elected lawmakers” are making and passing laws based on “assumptions”!!!!

    What happens to a casing after it has been fired? Most of them are sold by “by the drum full” to companies that recycle, re-load, re-brand and resale them, millions of shooters collect and even buy empty cases to re-load themselves……have these “MINDLESS DRONES” even considered that…….NO!!!!!

    • That’s exactly what they are … Mindless idiots. They may as well kiss their job goodbye. NEVER get re-elected again!

  3. Police: Like……where did you get the ammo that was in his head……….

    Father of Gang Banger: I bought them and they were stolen.

    End of Story…….no proof of anything.and a waste of time and resources and only bothers law abiding citizens.

    Go after the real problem people!!!

  4. Would it not be better to serialize the murderers, rapists, druggies, drug dealers, gang members and drunk drivers?

    • Most definitely David! I can’t believe these people . Do they stay up all night thinking up new shit! Just trying to make people they are doing something for their salary and position they’re in!!!

  5. NEWSFLASH!!! THIS JUST IN!!!! ….Most criminals do NOT buy their guns and ammo from Walmart! Apparently it takes much more money than brains to be a politician…sad time for America

  6. They already have identification! Forensics! Plus you can scrap em off! Any way seems odd. A bullet needs an ID and voters don’t!

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