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Dashcam video released of controversial traffic arrest


A Philadelphia man was pulled from his car by a Bordentown City police officer on Wednesday after he refused to exit his vehicle during a traffic stop.

According to NJ.com, a police dashcam video recorded the incident and captured footage of Abdoul Aziz Koita, an auto dealer, being removed from his car by Officer Vincent Bernotas after Koita refused to leave the vehicle along a city road.

On Saturday, Bordentown City police released the dashcam video of the incident. Authorities defended their officer, stating Bernotas carried out a lawful traffic stop.

The Philadelphia auto dealer said he tried to stay in his vehicle because he was uncertain of Bernotas’ intentions. The footage shows Koita asking the officer repeatedly why he was stopped. Koita was with three colleagues on route to an auto auction when pulled over.

Koita was arrested for his refusal to comply with the officer. He was later informed that the reason he was stopped was because his taillight was out and his dealer tag was not on file. He is planning to pursue a lawsuit over the incident. His attorney feels that race may have been a factor in the arrest.

The Bordentown City Police Department has not commented as of Saturday.

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  1. I call Bullsh!t . You don’t comply so you can file a lawsuit…. He didn’t sound like he was in fear, just he wanted to be confrontational on camera so he could file his lawsuit. You don’t want to follow the rules of our country then GO HOME….


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