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LAPD testing Tesla Model S for patrol vehicle role


The LAPD may be fielding a Tesla “black and white” as early as 2017, the department’s leadership reports.

Los Angeles Police Department’s Police Administrator Vartan Yegiyan said the Model S vehicles will be tested to see if the speedy luxury could be used as a patrol car in a condensed urban environment such as LA, as well as the possibility of using the Model S as a high-pursuit vehicle.

Screen shot from video
Screen shot from video

With BMW electric cars already in LAPD use for non-emergencies and administrative roles, reports indicate that Tesla S models will be outfitted with police gear and electronics to be used as patrol cars, bringing the gasless vehicles to the mean streets.

The LAPD has long been adamant on electric cars seeping into the fleet and has been flirting with the idea of a Tesla EV black and white fleet for some time. However, the six-figure price tag has been somewhat of an obstacle.

Yegiyan told NBC Los Angeles as the number of EV cars on the road increases, the cost will go down – good news for a police force itching for an EV fleet.

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